How does Tafabot
secure user data?

Tafabot secures user data with encrypted API keys and enterprise-grade tools from security services provider Cloudflare, including:

  • Web Application

  • DDOS attack

  • SSL/TLS encryption between
    visitors and origin servers

Use 2FA for Tafabot and each of your exchanges.

Save your backup keys in a safe place, preferably cold storage.

Never send your API keys to anyone claiming to be Tafabot support.

Be wary of phishing emails that mimic emails from your exchange.

Backup your critical security keys in the event your mobile device get lost.

Tafabot commitment to user security.

Tafabot makes use of distributed server networks.

That’s a testament to how seriously we take security at Tafabot down to the little details. Every blockchain and cryptocurrency service is a tempting target for malicious attacks, and Tafabot operates under the assumption that someone is always trying to get access to our user’s information. We take every reasonable precaution to block these attacks before they happen and ensure your accounts are safe.

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